Admission Process

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Admission Process for the Academic Session Starting in April:

1. Overview:

At St. Paul's, we believe in nurturing young minds and providing a dynamic learning environment. Our admission process for the upcoming academic session beginning in April is designed to identify and welcome students who share our passion for academic excellence, holistic development, and a love for learning.

2. Registration Dates:

Registration for the admission process commences in the month of December or January each year. This period allows interested parents and guardians to initiate the application process, ensuring a smooth and timely start to the journey of joining our academic community.

3. Registration Application Procedure:

To kickstart the admission process, parents and guardians can fill out our REGISTRATION application form available in our school office. The form will require essential details about the prospective student, making the process convenient and accessible. Detailed information regarding the entrance test, including dates and syllabus, will be shared to registered candidates along with the registration application form.

4. Entrance Test:

Following the registration period, an entrance test is conducted to assess the academic aptitude of the applicants. This test is a crucial step to ensure a fair and objective evaluation.

5. Transparent Evaluation:

We prioritize transparency in our evaluation process. Parents and guardians will receive updates and notifications about their child's progress throughout the admission process, keeping them informed and involved at every stage.

6. Admission Results:

Upon completion of the entrance test and evaluation process, the results will be announced. Successful candidates will be invited to join our St. Paul's family, and detailed admission instructions will be provided.

7. Commencement of Academic Session:

The academic session begins in April, setting the stage for an enriching and transformative learning experience for all our students.
Join us at St. Paul's, where education is a journey of discovery and growth. We look forward to welcoming new faces into our vibrant community and shaping futures together!

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