Affiliated to the "Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi "a widely recognized and highly reputed school board in the country. The curriculum is a blend of the best in National and International Curriculum and is aligned to current understanding of learning and teaching & we are affiliated to the Board up to +2 Level.

The curriculum encourages students to be active learners who can explore, understand and participate in the world around them. By exposing students to a wide variety of disciplines, both cognitive and non-cognitive skills are fine-tuned as they prepare fora well-balanced strech beyond the boundaried of school.

Embedded in SPS Core Values - World Citizenship, Universal Values, Leadership Qualities and Thinking, the curriculum focuses on developing a child and giving students a global and local perspective, developing skills for the future and nurturing the gifted and talented students.


"This holistic approach of education introduces children ideas and experiences that will help them become responsible, active participants in society."

We provide an effective framework for education through a reliever broad, balanced rigorously - taught and monitored curriculum. We place great importance on educating a child and developing a holistic approach of teaching learning process aiming to achieve best in life :

  • Requisite knowledge and skills that every child has a right to learn.
  • Learning environment enabling them to learn in a balanced manner, but stretching enough to challenge them and meet their diverse needs.
  • High level thinking skills which will help them tackle many of the moral, social and cultural issues which are part of growing up.
  • An environment which allows interaction with peers and assists in development as a social system.
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